Exhibitor Registration


1.1 Exhibition of governmental organizations involved in Halal Drives

1.2 exhibitions of international organizations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Korea and so on.

1.3 Halal exhibitions from 5 southern border provinces And regions At least 200 stores, which will be divided by the type of product.

(1) Halal food products such as food and beverages.

(2) Halal cosmetics such as herbal medicines and Halal medicines.

(3) costume clothes Jewelry that conforms to the Muslim way.

(4) Halal services such as banks, hotels, hospitals and spas.

(5) Halal food cooked with Southern folk wisdom and culture.

(6) Books and media. To promote good Muslim practice.

(7) Activities of public and private sectors. Both in and abroad

(8) Presentation of Halal Innovation


  • Normal Booth (4000 THB)  Standard Schell Scheme Booth : 3 x 2 m
  • Booth at the corner (6000 THB) Standard Schell Scheme Booth : 3 x 2 m
    *Includes 300mm fascia board, 1 table, 2 units of folding chairs, 1 power outlet and 1 unit of the wastepaper basket.[/toggle]

CLOSING DATE: 25 May 2018