World Halal Product Exhibition (world HAPEX) 2017

Nowadays, halal products and services are interest to many business operators because they are needed by approximately 2,200 Muslims in 150 countries across the world. In Thailand, more than 80 percent of the people living in the five southern border provinces are Muslims, and there are more than 400 operators producing halal foods, goods, and services making halal-related businesses grow rapidly. Moreover, the countries in the Growth Triangle such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are the main producing area of halal food supplied for the ASEAN market consisting of approximately 300 million Muslim consumers.

Halal Institute, Prince of Songkla University situated in the southern part of Thailand where 80 percent of the population is Muslims.  The executive of this institute considered that halal products, goods and services would be an appropriate business for this area include the neigbour countries, and is thus, organizing the World Halal Product Exhibition (World HAPEX) to promote and develop a regional market also the regional base of halal product and service supply to the global market.

  • Objectives
    1. To develop the southern border provinces of Thailand to become the center for the production of consumer goods, and the Halal products at the national and international level.
    2. To encourage manufacturers of consumer goods and services for halal in the southern border provinces. To raise awareness and create opportunities for dissemination of Halal products and products to be known to both Muslims and others alike.
    3. To stimulate job creation. Business expansion in line with the cultural practices in the southern border provinces. Make connections with Muslim countries in other regions.
    4. To promote good coordination between Halal Institutions and other agencies. It leads to the cooperation in economic and social development in the southern border provinces and sustainable development of the nation.
    5. To promote knowledge and research on Halal, both Thai products and services are accepted by international standards.
  • Date and Venue  Date: 4 days (12-15 July 2018)
  • Venue:  The 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne International Convention Center, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai campus, Songkhla, Thailand
  • Organizer     Halal Institute, Prince of Songkla University.
  • Activities    1. Exhibitions1.1 Exhibition of governmental organizations involved in Halal Drives1.2 exhibitions of international organizations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Korea and so on.1.3 Halal exhibitions from 5 southern border provinces And regions At least 200 stores, which will be divided by the type of product.(1) Halal food products such as food and beverages.(2) Halal cosmetics such as herbal medicines and Halal medicines.(3) costume clothes Jewelry that conforms to the Muslim way.(4) Halal services such as banks, hotels, hospitals and spas.(5) Halal food cooked with Southern folk wisdom and culture.(6) Books and media. To promote good Muslim practice.

    (7) Activities of public and private sectors. Both in and abroad

    (8) Presentation of Halal Innovation

    1. Seminar and conferences

    2.1 Seminar on the cooperation between the Halal Institute, Prince of Songkla University         and the Confederation of Islamic Committees in the 15 southern provinces.

    2.2 Presentation of Halal-based Research

    2.3 International Seminar

    2.4 Rallies of the Islamic Cooperative Network of Thailand and Islamic Financial Institutions

    2.5 Muslimah Day

    1. Islamic folk art show in the south
    2. Other activities

    4.1 Student activities from private schools

    4.2 Halal Knowledge Activities

    4.3 Halal cooking competition